FORTES è sede d'esame accreditata dall'Università per Stranieri di Perugia per la certificazione CELI

FORTES was founded in 2002 by initiative of a group of practitioners and professionals involved in preventing factors of social discomfort and exclusion, and in promoting the social, cultural and economic welfare of men and women of all ages. There are various channels, activities and recipients through which FORTES strives daily to reach its goals:


a) We call on schools, local authorities and organizations which work in the field of social welfare. Our programmes also include networking with local  companies to promote the connection between the various worlds of lifelong learning. in the frame of EUROPEAN FUNDING AND GRANTING POLICY (collaborating with European Union and the Region of Veneto) FORTES performs the following activities:

  • analysis of objectives / customer care;
  • project planning;
  • definition of economic and financial structure;
  • analysis of compatibility (cost-benefit analysis);
  • promotion of the project;
  • implementation and reporting;
  • monitoring and evaluation.
  • Some the major projects we started and coordinated: IFTS courses (as part of the integrated higher education, European projects under the measures “Leonardo da Vinci”), drafting guidelines for adults (especially for women), measures to improve quality of life for the elder part of the population.

    b) We call on schools and students from Italian secondary schools, post-graduate courses and universities. Through granting (mainly from Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus projects, but not only – link to projects page), students can make work-study experiences abroad (France, Spain, UK, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden). The general objectives are:

  • Supporting participants during training and while adquiring and using their knowledge, skills and qualifications, to facilitate self development, employability and access in the European labour market;
  • Increasing the attractiveness of education and training and mobility for individuals; facilitating the mobility of working trainees.
  • c) We call on students from Italian secondary schools, post-graduate courses and universities that want to enjoy a private work-study experience abroad, in a similar way to those of Leonardo and Erasmus projects. In addition, we offer post-secondary educational projects, not necessarily related to university and in discontinuity with the secondary school. We mean to interconnect schools, vocational training, universities and employers,  and those projects are suited for young adults and graduates to match the demand for professional technicians (middle/upper level), placed in productive sectors that are affected by profound technological and professional changes.

    d) We call on foreign students, who want to do, throught project funding (as well as schools and training institutions active in the field LLP), work and study experiences in Vicenza. for this purpose, we offer certified courses in Italian language  (CELI) and traineeships in local companies. (Look at WinVi Project!)


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