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WinVI Project – Work in VIcenza to Learn

Da Canicatti' in stage a Vicenza - GdV 24/05/2010

Da Canicatti’ in stage a Vicenza – GdV 24/05/2010

The training role of Vicenza’s companies in Europe
The economic and productive structure of the provincial territory offers interesting potential opportunities aimed at transferring the competences and skills of entrepreneurs, technicians and managers to young people who are still enrolled or who have just finished a vocational training school.  FORTES has also started collaborating with well-known ITSs – Istituti Tecnici Superiori (Higher Education Schools related to high technological specialization and equivalent to eg. Swiss SUPSI, French IUT, German Fachhochschule), in particular Tourism and Mechatronics ones.

Work Based Learning and Vocational Training Equivalence
The Work Based Learning programmes (often inside school/work based VET and ECHE programmes) and the internships are of course well known, but they can be further supported and enriched with programming, evaluation and certification tools allowing to implement the so-called “Vocational Training Equivalence” by means of education programmes known across Europe, also thanks to the introduction of the ECVET European Credit System. FORTES strongly believes that a different, positive and proactive approach to internships can contribute, during this time of economic downturn (and maybe more than vetoes and legal requirements), to limit the illegal exploitation of trainees or young people moving from education to the labour market.

FORTES Impresa Sociale, a resource hub focusing on Work Based Learning
For these reasons, and thanks to the experience and the passion of all the people who have worked to sustain the transition from school to labour market, we decided to launch WinVI, an initiative to support a different project, allowing to promote Vicenza and its territory abroad and to create a Common European Area.
WinVI project aims at increasing, both under a qualitative and a quantitative point of view, the corporate internship opportunities for training purposes and according to the principles set by Work Based Learning, thus allowing schools at European level to be further enriched with knowledge, skills and competences gained from the productive, economic and social system of Vicenza and its territory. FORTES is deeply committed to develop learning networks of companies, local bodies, cooperatives, stakeholders and facilitators of the social and economic development on the one hand, and European schools and training institutes on the other hand, including of course Italian schools.

How are networks created across the territory?

  • Promotion at the European Training Institutes, specifically at those operating with Erasmus+ projects concerning students’ mobility, informing them about the opportunities offered by the companies of Vicenza, with a special attention to the organization of informative actions and the preparation of internship;
  • Information is provided to companies, bodies and other corporate and social organizations based in Vicenza to illustrate the opportunity to host an intern in various fields, sectors and industries, as well as the technical, logistic and tutoring support offered by FORTES for the implementation and enhancement of training experiences;
  • Participation in events and organization of meetings and workshops work based-learning programmes and internship management, also enhancing their educational role and the personal growth of youngsters thanks to such experiences;
  • Study and experimentation of the most suitable methods of planning, implementation, evaluation and certification of work-based learning experiences, to allow the acknowledgment of learning in operational contexts.
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