FORTES è sede d'esame accreditata dall'Università per Stranieri di Perugia per la certificazione CELI

Ad hoc 2-3-week programmes targeted to various groups (normally secondary school students with their teachers), aimed at finding out more about the productive and the education system of Veneto. Thanks to the visits to the schools of the local territory and to the collaboration with the students and the teachers of the various Institutes, students will be able to write essays on simulated or real cases, they will be involved in researches and debates on various topics and economic models. To this purpose, our offer includes corporate visits to the industrial districts and areas, industrial archaeological sites and corporate museums, as well as the opportunity to talk directly to business owners and managers to study their best practices and strategies;  seminars and meetings with the representatives of trade associations, chambers of commerce and training organizations will also be organised to better understand the peculiarities of the Veneto model, the solutions to the crisis, the outlook and the ideas for the future.
We also organize cultural visits (usually Vicenza, Venice and other attractions, including Palladio’s villas or Medieval castles, or other cities of Veneto, where students can visit various companies). Over the past few years these visits have been highly appreciated by numerous foreign schools, which were interested in developing new contacts with the Italian schools.

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