FORTES è sede d'esame accreditata dall'Università per Stranieri di Perugia per la certificazione CELI

Within the programme Erasmus+, FORTES is pleased to offer the following:


VET Mobility – Work placement

Stage nel vicentino

Stage nel vicentino

After a thorough analysis of the training profile, the experiences gained in the sector or the future expectations, as well as depending on the level of knowledge of foreign languages of each single participant, FORTES identifies the best matching solution and organizes internships at the companies of the local territory. The goals of this experience are multiple… (read more)


VET Mobility  – Project Work
Princess Maria Luisa Vocational High School-Marzotto4Ad hoc 2-3-week programmes targeted to various groups (normally secondary school students with their teachers), aimed at finding out more about the productive and the education system of Veneto.  Thanks to the visits to the schools of the local territory and to the collaboration with the students and the teachers of the various Institutes, students will be able to write essays on simulated or real cases, they will be involved in researches and debates on various topics and economic models. To this purpose… (read more)


HE Mobility – Work placement
Pilar al lavoro
FORTES can consider from time to time, also depending on the local offer, internships in the field of Higher Education, targeted to people who already have a diploma or a degree and who would like to have a more job-oriented training. For this kind of experience, we recommend an Italian language level equal to at least B1, so that interns can fully express their potential… (read more)


Teachers’ Mobility
Ad hoc programmes targeted to teachers and professional trainers allowing them to find out more about production and education in Veneto, also with the support of their Italian colleagues, using a job shadowing formula or, where possible, by means of a business coaching formula.  These proposals allow to illustrate the different teaching methods, and they focus on the implementation of the work-based learning programmes, the solutions applied to prevent early school-leaving, the integration of students and the internationalization of schools… (read more)

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