Staff Mobility

FORTES organizes professional training courses abroad

for school staff, teachers, managers, administrators, in accordance with the duration and objectives of the funded project.
These courses are considered as experiences of theoretical training combined with practical training carried out in a training body and/or in collaboration with external bodies (schools, companies, public bodies).

The programme is tailor-made for the group, sometimes starting from an existing proposal by the foreign body, sometimes built ex-novo, based on the type of participants, the analysis of specific training needs, and the results the school intends to obtain in order to benefit from an impact on the organisation itself; the programme always includes a part of practical activities, application of the contents learnt, and/or job shadowing/ lesson observation.
The job shadowing/ lesson observation activities, especially for teachers, are conditional on the period in which the mobility is carried out, according to the actual availability abroad.
We have experience of training programs in innovative methodologies, teaching of (some) specific disciplines, educational issues (e.g. bullying, sustainability, inclusion, disability, conflict management and class climate...) through thematic visits, in-depth discussions with experts and workshops, language training programs combined with professional language development and topics of sectoral interest.


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