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FORTES, as an organisation specialized in transnational mobility,

can be an operational partner in projects financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and provided through actions such as the Regional Operational Programme (POR) and the Regional Youth Guarantee Implementation Plan.

Language programs

FORTES proposes itself as an operational partner in language projects aimed at the acquisition of certifications by participating students. During the design phase it collaborates with the promoting body in the elaboration of the project idea, it provides the network of language training bodies whose quality he has acquired direct experience, supports him in using the platform.

Programmes with internship

FORTES proposes itself as an operational partner in ESF (European Social Fund)/POR (Regional Operational Programme) projects aimed at the implementation of transnational mobility paths in PCTO (Paths for Transversal Competences and Orientation, formerly Dual Education System). For the internship in the company, which is the main core of this mobility, FORTES provides a consolidated network of foreign partners, and through them, of loyal companies through years of collaboration.

Adult education

FORTES proposes itself as an operational partner in funded projects aimed at adults e.g. Public Administration (PA) staff or unemployed, out-of-work adults, including social and work reintegration programmes for women.

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