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Technical secondary schools, vocational schools, high schools and apprenticeships

FORTES operates in the field of mobility for students, trainees, staff (management, teachers and technical staff).
The mobility of students, apprentices and new graduates (short or long term) includes an internship in a company in a network with foreign reception agencies and, through them, with companies that have been loyal to them through years of collaboration.

In the identification and organization of the internship FORTES pays great attention to the participant's profile, the project and personal objectives and the expected learning outcomes.

  1. Design and drafting of the project
    • Together with the school or institution that intends to apply for Erasmus funding (the promoter), FORTES collaborates in the analysis of needs and expectations, enhances the mission and strengths, elaborates the project idea, develops it, proposes and/or agrees on the composition of the hosting partnership, draws up the project and uploads it in the specific European platform.


  2. Organisational and administrative management support
    After approval, FORTES carries out technical assistance and organizational/managerial support activities during the different project phases:
    • it assists and supports the promoter in the contractual and financial aspects concerning domestic and foreign service providers, also in order to ensure proper management of EU funds in compliance with regulations and quality criteria;
    • it assists in the use of the planned platforms (Mobility Tool, etc.);
    • provides the promoter and the sending agencies with information and training materials, models of cards, letters of assignment, guides, etc.;
    • it collaborates in the preparation of tools for the detection, measurement and validation of skills acquired during mobility, for the purposes of recognition;
    • it collaborates with the foreign partner and the company in the preparation of the Europass Mobility document;
    • it collaborates with the promoter in the ongoing project monitoring activities, final evaluation and dissemination of results.
  3. Technical organisation of mobility
    • maintains relations with the host partnership, for the logistical organisation and the development of the pedagogical and social programme abroad;
    • organizes the internship in collaboration with the foreign partner: communicates and clarifies the training contents, prepares the related contract; collaborates in the organization of video-connected interviews with the participant to further refine the choice of the internship, carries out regular online monitoring during the internship, shares the findings to make improvements;
    • contributes to the activities of linguistic, cultural and pedagogical preparation, also by preparing and carrying out training modules, thematic analysis and general information aimed at participants and accompanying persons/tutors;
    • agrees with the promoter and the host organisations to organise mobility planning, travel, contractual and insurance aspects;
    • conducts monitoring and mentoring of activities at home and abroad.
  4. Accounting support
    • prepares the documents and procedures for reporting the project in accordance with the requirements of the ERASMUS National Agency;
    • provides support in the preparation for possible audits and/or audits by the National Agency or the European Commission, with the revision, reorganisation and completion of the required documentation and with technical assistance to the school staff involved.
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