Interregional Mobility

The breadth, quality and international vocation

of the sectors for which Vicenza is a recognized reference point also abroad, is a resource that can be made available to the world of Italian schools, for the realization of training courses in interregional mobility (PON -National Operational Program, ESF -European Social Fund, regional projects): mechanics, mechatronics, jewelry and jewelry, textiles and fashion, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood and furniture.

A further resource is the wide and varied non-profit sector of personal services, in particular the assistance and social-work integration of disabled people and people with special needs.

The Vicenza area is therefore an ideal destination for interregional mobility projects focused on internships in the company, and not only. This is due to the great quality and variety of productive and economic activities in the Vicenza area, but also to the possibility, thanks to FORTES Impresa Sociale, of using two residences in the centre of Vicenza (link interno a pagina alloggi), reserved for short stays of students engaged in continuous training or work-school internships.

For short stays (2 - 3 weeks) FORTES offers a didactic modality characterized by workshops, experiential laboratories, guided tours and meetings with significant professional figures in order to offer young people skills that can be spent in the labour market and encourage orientation. In each program excellent companies are identified where students observe aspects of organization, processes, machines and technologies, interview experts and entrepreneurs and are involved in concrete activities useful to the company. In addition, by participating in training workshops young people learn to relate to others and to cooperate in working groups.

For teachers, trainers and professionals FORTES organizes meetings with companies, public and private bodies and organizations, seminars and job-shadowing activities aimed at enrichment not only professionally, but also culturally and humanely. Thanks to the collaboration with numerous companies in the area, FORTES can offer training programs in any sector and on topics related to the discipline of teaching or specialization.

FORTES whiteVia Verdi, 64 - Vicenza
tel. +39 0444 327887
Partita IVA 03581700246
R.I. Vicenza n. 03581700246 – REA n. VI 336723
Capitale sociale € 15.000,00 interamente versato


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