The team of professionals

is divided into different areas of expertise to offer a complete design and consulting service.

Andrea Cecchin
Andrea CecchinChairman of the Board
The administrator and legal representative takes care of the administrative management of the company, in compliance with its Code of Ethics and the principles of corporate social responsibility, and coordinates the planning activity in the European context.
Silvana Groppo
Silvana Groppo Member of the Board of Directors, Coordinator of the European Mobility Department
Responsible for the pedagogical management and technical coordination of transnational internship programs. Participates in the design of training programs with particular attention to the recognition of mobility experiences as an essential part of the educational, training and professional path of the individual.
Davide Cecchin
Davide Cecchin Operating structures management assistant
Collaborates to maintain the functional efficiency of the operational and reception facilities of FORTES.
Paola Roscini
Paola Roscini First assistant of the European mobility department
She supports the Management in technical management, monitoring and evaluating transnational programs. She performs the functions of general secretary and first reception.
Giorgia Dola
Giorgia Dola Design and innovation
Collaborates in the construction of local and transnational active partnership networks, in the drafting of projects and research and innovation for territorial development.
Lucia Galdo
Lucia Galdo Incoming projects coordinator
She manages the relations with European sending organizations, schools and universities and plans the reception of groups. She takes care of the relationships with the companies in the surrounding area for the execution of internships and other training actions.
Silvia Rasia
Silvia Rasia Reception and management of incoming groups
She collaborates in the search for partners with operational marketing activities, organizes logistics, housing solutions and monitoring of participants in training activities in the area.

Marta Michielin
Marta Michielin European mobility department assistant
She collaborates in the project editing, in the creation of transnational networks, in the management of mobility programs abroad and related events.
Margherita Loro
Margherita Loro Administration and accounting.
She collaborates with the Management and consultants for the administrative-accounting management of projects and the company.
Stefania Zanella
Stefania Zanella European mobility department assistant
Collaborates in the operational activities of mobility programs abroad and external communication via web and social media.
Ilaria Mervisan
Ilaria Mervisan European mobility department assistant
She collaborates in the activities of incoming transnational programs, tutoring and administrative management of housing facilities.
Francesca Pitton
Francesca Pitton European mobility department assistant
She collaborates in the activities of mobility programs abroad, institutional communication and operational marketing.


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