A group of 7 students from Madrid  has arrived in Vicenza: they are carrying out internships in local companies within the European program Erasmus+. The initiative is coordinated by FORTES Impresa Sociale with a strict Covid-19 Prevention Protocol

After months of great concern and uncertainty regarding study trips and cultural exchanges, international students have arrived in Vicenza: more precisely, it is a group of seven Spanish young people aged between 18 and 21 years old.  They are staying until 30th August (except for two of them staying until 30th November) for an internship experience in some local companies within the Erasmus+ program. Depending on their field of study, students have been placed in bars, restaurants, pastry shops, hair and beauty salons and social cooperatives assisting disabled people.

The initiative is coordinated by FORTES «Our sector has been one of the most affected by the consequences of Covid-19 – states Andrea Cecchin, co-founder of FORTES Impresa Sociale – the arrival of this group means a new phase, a restart, not only for us, as it is one of the first groups of foreign students arriving in Italy. I think this is an encouraging signal for all students about their future travelling opportunities despite the restrictions. I want to thank the companies who are hosting these students despite the tough times. Furthermore,  I would like to highlight that FORTES has taken and is taking all the measures to ensure the safety of students and host companies».

Thanks to the hard work over the last months and the guarantees offered to its partners, FORTES has already started planning the arrival of next groups. The first week of September students from Prague (Czech Republic) are coming to Vicenza for a three-week internship experience as environmentalists, brewers,  accountants and HR. At the end of September it will be the time for two other groups, from France and Poland, the latter arriving in two different moments between September and October for a total of about 40 students.

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