REPORT ON A YEAR OF ERASMUS+ PROJECTS. Challenges, difficulties and satisfactions: how FORTES faced this 2021

REPORT ON A YEAR OF ERASMUS+ PROJECTS. Challenges, difficulties and satisfactions: how FORTES faced this 2021

And here we are, at the end of 2021: a year that we could compare with a roller coaster, with its ups and downs.

This year FORTES has managed 1374 outgoing mobilities to destinations such as Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia and Malta, finding some obstacles along the way: multiple anti-Covid restrictions in different countries, quarantines and oppositions from some families and group leaders. Nevertheless every project has been successfully carried out. Ireland turned out to be the chosen destination par excellence, due to the exit of Great Britain from the Erasmus+ program. Following Spain, France and those countries where English is used as a vehicular language. The Long term mobilities reveal constant growth  : a result that has been possible thanks to the close synergy between FORTES and the sending schools developed over the years.

Despite the first quarter being characterized by anti-Covid restrictions in the Veneto region and some cancellations of the first arriving groups, the Incoming department has managed to welcome 155 Erasmus participants. Spain has been confirmed once again as the main country of origin of Erasmus students in Vicenza, followed by Bulgaria and Poland with projects of 2-3 weeks, and France, Germany and Portugal for projects of 4-8 weeks. New this year has been the strong demand for participation in staff mobility. Thanks to the collaboration with a Swedish education company, FORTES has organized several job-shadowing programs for the training of Swedish teachers with "Sustainability" as a common topic. The number of ErasmusPRO projects,  with internships lasting more than 3 months, has been growing steadily as well: this year FORTES has hosted 7 Spanish students for 6, 9 and 12 months, offering internships in the social, health, graphics, catering and mechatronics sectors.

Many other projects will arise in the near future, not only regarding student and staff mobilities, but also strategic partnerships. As a matter of fact, in 2022 new transnational cooperation projects for innovation and exchange of good practices will come to life and those started in 2019 will be completed.

The gratifications that FORTES has received in 2021 are the outcome of a close-knit goal oriented team and a trustworthy partnership with foreign organizations,  local companies and schools. Hoping to continue on this path, FORTES staff would like to thank everyone for their valuable collaboration and wish HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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