New KA2 project for FORTES: "Hack4Society"

New KA2 project for FORTES: "Hack4Society"

FORTES Impresa Sociale Srl received the approval for the project "HACK4Society: Digital Hackathon Training Events in the Service of E-Learning Solutions for the post Covid-19 Society" and started to take the first steps within this 30-month project. 7 partners, 4 countries involved and 6 objectives to be achieved: these are the very first numbers that frame the context. 

The social crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic raised awareness that Vocational Educational Training (VET) plays a very important role in terms of innovation, digitalisation and social skills. VET prepares learners for jobs in which creativity is needed, drives new ideas in business and industry and helps to bridge the skills gap. 

In this context, FORTES wants to introduce a bottom-up approach, providing VET professionals and learners with e-learning modules, methodologies and training techniques, to create a better online learning experience. FORTES will achieve this through hackathon events and OER (Open Educational Resources) preparation. The post-covid crisis is not over yet, and with the loss of their jobs, many people will need to be retrained to be ready for the transition to a greener and more digital labour market. 

The objectives pursued will be: 

1. Strengthen the capacity of VET providers in delivering inclusive, high quality digital education. 

2. Create OER refresher modules for VET professionals.

3. Build skills through Bottom Up approaches 

4. Developing high quality digital content, promoting innovative methods and tools for e-teaching and e-learning 

5. Promote and provide networking opportunities between VET providers

6. Developing tailor-made solutions 


High quality European OER must become more visible and accessible to all citizens: Hack4Society is the concrete answer.


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tel. +39 0444 327887
Partita IVA 03581700246
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Capitale sociale € 15.000,00 interamente versato


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