This year, Erasmus+ goes "green"

This year, Erasmus+ goes "green"

In FORTES this year, Erasmus+ is going "green": not just travelling by plane, but a big increase in the use of the train as a means of transport to closer countries.

We try to pay more and more attention to the topic of travel by encouraging the use of sustainable means of transport, such as the train, by investing in training young people towards a greener mobility. This year FORTES has managed to organise more than 40 trips by train or bus, out of a total of more than 500 transfers.

As the Erasmus 2022 Guide defines "Environment and climate action are key priorities for the EU. The Erasmus+ programme is therefore a key instrument for developing knowledge, skills and attitudes about climate change and supporting sustainable development. Erasmus+ should seek to achieve carbon neutrality by promoting sustainable modes of transport and more environmentally friendly behaviour."

With this in mind, FORTES, which has always been committed to pursuing more sustainable, innovative and effective socio-economic development models inspired by international good practices, promotes green mobility by all available means. Choosing to travel by rail is not only a smart choice in terms of low CO2 emissions, but it is also economical and practical. Thanks to online bookings, we are able to plan the journey by choosing the cheapest and shortest journey time options. In support of what is expressed in the Erasmus+ 2022 guide, the European Commission with DiscoverEU, starting in April, has made available free rail passes for 70,000 young Europeans living in Erasmus+ countries. A great opportunity to get to know the 'old continent' as they did in the pre-pandemic period.


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