42 job shadowing mobility in 6 months

42 job shadowing mobility in 6 months

We have now reached the end of the school year with a bit of data in hand: we hosted 42 job shadowing mobilities over a period of 6 months. 

42 teachers from Sweden and Germany spent between 2 and 5 days shadowing and observing at various schools in the province of Vicenza.  

Relying on the partnership with high schools, high schools and primary schools, FORTES was able to offer training activities aimed at exchanging knowledge and teaching methodologies with Italian colleagues and directly experimenting good teaching practices. Various topics were addressed: from sustainable development to entrepreneurship, from the Montessori method and Reggio Emilia to special educational needs. 

How does the Italian school work? What did German and Swedish teachers learn from their Italian colleagues? Certainly a lot. As they told us, they have been able to observe and experience didactic, content and pedagogical aspects that are often very different from their own, but nevertheless enriching and stimulating.

In support of the valuable educational value of such experiences, it must be said that no description of an educational system bears comparison with entering a school directly, walking through its corridors during lessons or recess, seeing classrooms and laboratories, and finally attending and participating in lessons, interacting with learners and teachers.

We would like to list the schools that were committed and welcomed the job shadowing teachers with great courtesy and helpfulness; it is thanks to them that every experience was positive and stimulating: 


Liceo Scientifico Statale Paolo Lioy, Vicenza

I.I.S. Almerico Da Schio, Vicenza

ITA Trentin, Lonigo

Liceo Francesco Corradini, Thiene

I.I.S. Tron - Zanella, Schio

I.I.S. Rosselli-Sartori, Lonigo

ITE Guido Piovene, Vicenza

ITTE Galileo Galilei, Arzignano

P. Lioy, Vicenza

Fondazione Levis Plona, Vicenza

Casa dei bambini D. Cariolato, Vicenza


And that's not all... FORTES is already working on new job shadowing programmes, an autumn full of collaborations is in the offing!

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