Eleonora T., student (ES)

“I am grateful to my school and my teachers for making this experience possible, to Fortes in general that helps young people to have such an experience, I felt at home with Maria Martha, the lady who hosted me, who always welcomed me with a smile, and did not hesitate to tell me if I was wrong and where I was wrong so that I could grow up (the main purpose of a trip). I'll never forget this month spent in Valencia, a really "Bonita" city ``rich in everything"

Valerio S., student. (IE)

“Never be afraid to put yourself on the line, if you’re strong like a Fortes you will be able to go wherever your heart wants to take you!”

Elisa Z., student. (DE)

“It was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to visit a beautiful city like Berlin and to experience German culture at first hand. The people I met were all very helpful and essential to the success of the project. Both the Italian organization (Fortes) and the welcoming one have always been present and available to us to meet our needs and respond to our doubts and concerns. At work and with my host family, I found wonderful people who helped me improve my language and to make the most of the free time available to us. Also from a personal point of view I was very happy that I joined the project and that the school gave me the chance to participate. The files provided to us by Fortes through the online platform were, in my opinion, very accurate and comprehensive”

Vittoria F., student. (DE)

This experience was beautiful, I would recommend it to everyone. We did a great job with wonderful people, not only in the hotel, but also with the host company ( which took care of us during our stay), as well as FORTES. Six months have flown by, and I've grown a lot, both professionally and personally. I am really happy with the project.

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